The Longest Journey is the Journey Inwards

"The longest journey is the journey inwards." (Dag Hammarskjöld, 1953-1961 UN Secretary-General)

The Lassalle-Haus, an educational centre founded by the Swiss Jesuits, will help you find your way – be it by means of Zen meditation, yoga, Ignatian exercises or Christian contemplation. Situated in the rolling hills above the small but thriving town of Zug, the centre hosts a wide variety of courses, retreats and events aiming not only to direct us to our inner source and thereby strengthen our self-knowledge, but also sharpen our mind and raise our awareness for the major issues of our time.

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The house is also a conference hotel and meeting centre, offering companies and organisations an ideal environment for meetings, conferences and seminars.

The building, a masterpiece by the Swiss architect André Studer, is conceived according to the principles of «harmonic architecture», in which all proportions equal musical intervals and is said to have its own characteristic sound. The well-known landscape gardener Josef Seleger combined the building and the park into a harmonious whole.

Openness and silence, outstanding architecture and relaxing nature, spiritual impulses and culinary delights: this is what awaits guests at the Lassalle-Haus – a fascinating centre for those looking to contribute a new perspective to business and society.


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